Greetings and welcome to the Nothing Never Happens podcast. I’m Tina Pippin, your host, on a journey into educational or pedagogical theory and questions of democracy, freedom, and liberatory teaching. I am creating an episodic podcast series on critical pedagogy which investigates issues around power and authority in the classroom, democratic practices, popular education models, radical and anarchist educational theories and general dreaming of a better world with our students and community partners. The title, Nothing Never Happens, comes from one of my teaching method gurus, Dr. John D. Hendrix, who taught a “how to teach and think about teaching” course when I was in graduate school. I teach religious studies, gender and women’s studies, and human rights at Agnes Scott College, a women’s college in Decatur, GA, and am continually learning to be a teacher-activist. As Myles Horton, one of the founders of the Highlander Center, related, “We make the road by walking,” and the necessary part is the “we”—the community of students, colleagues, educational theorists, community organizers and partners that make the journey alongside. Nothing never happens is thus a bit of a mantra for my teaching, and thus for this podcast. Listen to and download all the podcasts on iTunes. Click here.

A Podcast of Radical Musings on Social Justice, Pedagogies for Transformation, and Feminist Activism