Reagin Turner, Tina Pippin, Aliyah Harris

Nothing Never Happens has a team of support! The writings of Paulo Freire and many others past and present provide the theoretical grounding of our journey into radical pedagogies. And the wisdom of my students and community partners pushes these ideas further.

Here’s the team:

Host: Tina Pippin, Wallace M. Alston Professor of Bible and Religion, Agnes Scott College [tpippin@agnesscott.edu]

China Wilson (producer) with Aliyah Harris (audio engineer)

Producer: China Wilson

Audio Engineer: Aliyah Harris

Assistant Audio Engineer:  Megan Simmons

Technical Consultant: Emily Gwynn

Producer Emeritus: Calvin Burgamy

Theme Music: Our opening thematic melody is written by: Aviva and the Flying Penguins and performed by Aviva and Lance Erik Haugan. Transitional variations of opening thematic melody recorded, orchestrated, arranged and performed by Lance Erik Haugan. Addition music and transitional sound design composed, recorded, orchestrated, arranged and performed by Lance Erik Haugan.  For Lance’s music go to: https://soundcloud.com/lance-haugan

To contact Lance: lancehaugan@gmail.com

Other additional music by Paul Myhre:  https://www.reverbnation.com/paulomyhre

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A Podcast of Radical Musings on Social Justice, Pedagogies for Transformation, and Feminist Activism