A Third University Is Always Happening: Part Two of a Conversation with K. Wayne Yang

University of Minnesota Press, 2017

The University of California San Diego is on Kumeyaay land. The chancellor’s house is on an indigenous burial ground. How do universities move beyond guilt and toward a rematriation of the land? How do we teach, and train teachers, in these places with such violent history? How do we live and teach sustainably on this land? Yang, as his avatar la paperson, believes “a third university is possible:”

“To be very clear, I am not advocating for rescuing the university from its own neoliberal desires but rather for assembling decolonizing machines, to plug the university into decolonizing assemblages.”

(A Third University Is Possible”, p. 66)

In this portion of the podcast Yang also talks about his activist work with young people. He asks them, and we now ask ourselves: how would you change the world if you had $1 million? As a “militant administrator,” Yang seeks to deconstruct hierarchical power relations at the university and in neighborhood schools.

Johnny Bear Contreras, “When the World Comes to Life,” sculpture, John Muir College

Outro music is by Paul Myhre, “Tweet Lament,” available on bandcamp.com