Truth, Healing, and Justice in Atlanta Public Schools

How can we fight back against the newest wave of right-wing attacks on public education? What resistance strategies are available to K-12 teachers whose anti-racist and multicultural pedagogies are now outlawed by state legislators? What does a truth-seeking, trauma-informed classroom look like in these times?

About Our Guest

Anthony Downer teaches Africana Studies, social studies, and civics at Frederick Douglass High School in the Atlanta Public School system. He attended public schools in Gwinett County, Georgia, attained a BA in Political Science at the University of Chicago and a Master’s of Art in Teaching in social studies education at Georgia State University.

Anthony is a co-founder and vice president of Georgia Educators for Equity and Justice, the founder and Vice President of the Liberation Learning Lab, and the host of his podcast “Wat Dat Wednesday: Conversations on Education and Liberation” on Educational Entities. Find it on Youtube and Instagram Live: @thenawfstar

On this episode, released in August 2022, Anthony shares his abolitionist toolkit, his political organizing work, what and who inspires him, where he and his scholars find joy, and his freedom dreams.

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