Decolonizing Knowledge: A Conversation with Angela Yarber, Act 2

In Part Two we talk more with Angela about her place-based pedagogy in Hawai’i. Angela describes her pedagogical approach for her intensive course: “This land-based intensive class is grounded in the engaged theory of bell hooks, and structured in Parker Palmer’s knowing, being, and doing framework. The classrooms’ radical space of possibility expands to encompass the orchard, garden, art studio, dinner table, and active volcano, tide pool, and those much-beloved seminar spaces of dialogue. Research, reading, painting, writing, discussion, cooking, planting, harvesting, and exploring Hawai’I are our various methods of learning, engaging the mind, body, and heart.” Angela is committed to “Decolonizing knowledge, the strict boundaries between disciplines, and the classroom, [where] students engage in knowing, being, and doing simultaneously.”